Cutting Edge Now has Enhanced Capabilities to Work on RVs

Cutting Edge Refinishing is settling well into their new auto body shop. This Tucson auto body repair shop now has enough space and equipment to enhance their capabilities of working on recreational vehicles. They have been doing it for years, but now they can work on more RVs at the same time.

Cutting Edge now has a drive-through estimating canopy that will accommodate motorhomes and recreational vehicles of all sizes. Owners can now pull their RVs right up to the estimator to have the damage evaluated and a price quoted. In addition to the new canopy, they also have a 45-foot spray booth for painting large RVs. This is a great improvement for this Tucson auto body repair shop, and increases the speed at which they can paint these large coaches.

Because of the increased size of the new facility, the inside of the shop will accommodate several RVs at the same time, so they needn’t be parked outside while waiting or receiving service. This helps protect the RVs from the elements, which can be harsh in Tucson.

The Cutting Edge parking lot is much bigger, allowing for easy turn-around for motorhomes and large RVs. They needn’t worry about getting “stuck” or having to move other vehicles just to turn around. Entering and exiting the lot is hassle free.

These details may seem small to some, but Cutting Edge is set apart from the other collision repair businesses because of this attention to detail. That, in combination with their “go the extra mile” customer service, is the reason they have enjoyed such success.

Future plans for Cutting Edge include renting space out to other automotive industry related businesses, so that their customers will enjoy a one stop shop, where all of the automotive needs can be taken care of in one place.

Cutting Edge Refinishing has been repairing recreational vehicles for several years, but now they just have more room to do it. They actually do collision repair for some of the largest RV dealers in Tucson, as well as the customers of these dealers.

For years, Cutting Edge Refinishing has been serving the Tucson area as a full service auto and RV body shop. Their specialty is collision repair, custom paint (including graphics and airbrushing on autos and motorcycles), restorations, and RV body and paint repair.

Posted on April 4, 2013 and filed under News.